The Northern Book Group

This group of 7 members meet once a month around the North of the Island. Their book choices are wide and catholic with everything from selected essays, to sci-fi to classics and modern fiction. Poetry and polemical tomes have also been tackled with varying degrees of enthusiasm. What the NBG do well though is spirited debate. It’s not unknown for a member to go having read a book and hated it, and found that actually, there were parts of merit. And sometimes, minds cannot be changed because reading is like eating. Your personal tastes are your own. You may recognise the benefits of eating Kale, but that doesn’t mean you will.

The members meet in each others’ homes.

The Henry Bloom Noble Book Group

This group meets in the library every 3rd Tuesday of the month, downstairs. Jan, host, librarian, all-round good egg, steers the group with a very light touch. The group all suggest books at the beginning of the year from which 12 are chosen. The discussion is led by the person who suggested that title. I have only been to 3, but the selection so far seems broad. Titles are below. Like the Northern group, they are all women and a variety of ages. Is there a group of men who meet to discuss books or is it a uniquely female activity? Seems a shame if that’s so.

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