Raison d’etre

Simson from Unsplash.

This blog was started in response to a Social Media Marketing Course run by DigitalMums. The practical part of the course was to run three social media platforms with a theme of our choosing. We had a choice of Arts, Work, Local Campaign (eco,mind, food, etc). I chose Arts as I have always had a deep interest in literature and the spoken word. So, in short, my campaign ran as ReadinMann.

The course has shown me a whole number of things:

  1. There are some lovely book groups on the Island, with some gorgeous, interesting people of every flavour of character but bound together by their shared interest in reading.
  2. Humour is a much better draw than information. The posts about odd, archaic words attracted much more attention than did book reviews.
  3. There aren’t enough hours in the day. How on earth does Donald Trump do his job as POTUS and send out all those tweets. Obviously, that is a rhetorical question as last night he chastised NASA for re-awakening the Moon campaign when they should be aiming at Mars, which is part of the moon anyway. Oh good grief!
  4. Of the social media platforms, the only one which has any real following on the Isle of Man is FaceBook and unlike on the adjacent Isle, this is not a platform of the 55+ age groups. Here, very few 55+ people are on any social media sites at all. Instagram and Twitter are rarely visited countries.
  5. To be a successful Social Media Marketing Manager on the Isle of Man, you would first have to make real social contacts. The levels of cynicism are high and probably quite rightly so. Because I found it so hard to get followers (many preferring to just dip in and out of my pages) I interviewed quite a few people to ask about their social media habits. I was genuinely surprised to find that so many are wary of putting their name to anything and much prefer to try to retain their anonymity. “I’ll look at your page, but I don’t want to like anything and I would never share it. I don’t put anything on my own page.” I really hope that I have been able to persuade a few to view these things a little less warily.
  6. My fellow students in my group are really, genuinely lovely people. Without their help I would have floundered early on as I was a Twitter and Instagram virgin. With a family loss mid course, they were quietly understanding and supportive. So, a huge thank you to you all. I am in awe of their juggling skills as mothers with young children, some with jobs too AND keeping it together with their coursework, postings, analytics and breathing in and out. Thank you ladies.

So, goodbye and thank you. A different sort of blog will be appearing soon. It will be much more murderous! You have been warned.

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