The Seal Woman’s Gift

This month the northern book group read The seal Woman’s Gift by Sllay Magnusson. The group has 8 members and choose books by individual suggestion. They read a wide variety of titles and styles from poetry to classics to debates and science-fiction. They meet once a month and take turns to host in their homes. A flavour of recent titles will give an idea of the catholic tastes. Other books they have read can be found in the blog pages.

The Seal Woman’s Gift by Sally Magnusson.

This was the book choice for the Northern Group for May. Set in Iceland in the 1600s it tells the tale, loosely based on historical facts, of a family who were amongst many kidnapped and sold into slavery in North Africa. It was a hit with the group for a number of reasons. Some liked it for the heart-wrenching phraseology which Magnusson utilised to create a strong and believable atmosphere. Others for the unexpected turns in the narrative which unswervingly avoided the easier happier options for the heroine and her family, and others because it enlightened them to aspects of history which are rarely mentioned. The brigands who stole communities to sell into slavery hit the British coastlines too but this is not well known, perhaps because it may be out of step with modern sentiment.

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