Not enough space

When your bookshelves are bursting what do you do?

The time will come for us all when we need to move somewhere smaller, or our last bookshelf is so full there are books in all directions and piled on top. What do you do? How can you cull and how would you decide?

Some many years ago, my father gave me his precious National Registers. Probably there are only a handful of people who would be interested in these records of all things political, judicial and poetical, but we were 2 of them. Thing is, it is going to take me about 40 years to read them all. They are great dippers-in-to books. As an ex-historian everything about them enchants. They begin in the 1700s and describe the French Revolution as it was happening, the Industrial Revolution is there as is the great social leap taken in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Also crammed in these shelves are a lifetime of studying, pleasure reading and, well, books that I love and a few that I hate. They describe my life so where will I put new books? Should everything now be on Kindle?

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